Du wolltest schon immer mal Deine eigene private Party geben? 

Kein Problem! Bei uns kannst du Dich als Party-Queen oder -King so richtig ausleben!

Miete die Alte Zuckerfabrik inkl. Beschallungstechnik für einen Abend Deiner Wahl und überrasche Deine Freunde mit einer ganz besonderen Party.


Ohhh ha. Ein Proberaumplatz ist frei geworden.
Sucht ihr noch einen Proberaum oder kennt ihr zufällig eine Band, die noch einen sucht, dann meldet euch bei uns!

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Anticops, Isolated, Kathaarsys, War from a Harlots Mouth, Sylosis, A Life Once Lost, Ambrace, Obscure Mortuary, Die Bonkers, Antispielismus, Six Feet Under, Illdisposed, Lost Dreams,…

Craniumblast, Black-out Beauty, Gama Bomb, Full Assault, Krawallbrüder, Goldblade, Boikott, hafen, KopfSteinPflasta, The Bottrops, Psypirinha, beate ouzo, Rostdocs, DANFORTH, Krach, Die Heebeegeebees, Genome, The Oklahoma Kid, Summon The Abyss, Blood Red Throne, Hate, Dead Infection, Never Die Alone, Medea Rising, New Hate Rising, Collapse, Obscure Mortuary, Silent Leges Inter Arma, Fucking Hostile, Fuselwoche, Helter Scelter, 44 Leningrad, Zwangshaft, Operation Dropkick, Fleshless, The Darkest Red, The Fifth Alliance, Abattoir Of Absolution, Down on knees I’m weak, Brink of despair, RoHLINK, Jungle Rot, Ion, VerMin, Feral, Dread, Speed Theory, Nightfire, Heirs, Belphegor, Weyland, A formula controlled Emotion, Abattoir Of Absolution, Hardway, Embrace Destruction, Enecor, C.E.C., Dishonor, No End in Sight, Skare Tactic, Young At Heart, Enecor, From Bleeding Hands, X doesn’t mean porn, Neverlose, sickzerö, CN Roundhouse Kick, The Casting Out, kein plan, Operation Dropkick, N.O.C., Vietsmorgen, Slipattackapaches, Napalm Death, Immolation, Waking the Cadaver, Macabre, Ophelias Great Day, Under The Sunrise, Psypirinha, munchkins, Larrikins, Bierokraten, Entrails Massacre, Goregast, Amnesie, Heirs, Aidan Baker, Noveller, Audiocæneat!, Bad Luck Rides on Wheels, unFact, Ambrace, Message In Blood, EXTRAGEIL, Etepetete, Headz Up King, Stuck Mojo, Mainpoint, Zaunpfahl, Inner Spirit, C.E.C., Rawside, Auf Bewährung, Boikott, Error21, Obscure Mortuary, Embodying The End, Fucking Hostile, Daemonized, Anticops, Aorta, Bloodwork, Out of Step, BLOODPUNCH, Dead Remains, All for Revenge, Enecor, Infested Blood, Balfor, Scumfuck, Obituary, Necromorph, Ceremony Of Opposites, Sudden Havoc, Hammerfist, Change The World, Trigger The Bloodshed, Stigma, Gadget, Social Chaos, Catheter, Archagathus, Almost Home, Together, Once Back Victorious, Daze your Sorrow, Neverlose, Kongh, Evergreen Terrace, Me and Mark, The Horrible Trees, Shapeshift Messiah, Let Me Out, To Cut A Slice, Palm, My City Burning, Negură Bunget, Fen, The Stone, The Way of Purity, Pro-Pain, tardive dyskinesia, Komah, Ragnarok, Noctem, De Profundis, Six Feet Under, Arcadia, Illdisposed, Lost Dreams, In Slumber, Mindlag project, Bad Tripes, Rotting Christ, Ceremony Of Opposites, Porta Inferi, Kraanium, The Oklahoma Kid, Traumatic Defilement, Boxhamsters, Vietsmorgen, Operation Dropkick, Sancho Panza, C.E.C., HERO on the run, Triptykon, Abyzz, Confession by Silence, Dying Fetus, Beneath the Massacre, Origin, Revocation, Van Canto, In Legend, Vengeance Today, never come back, cold life kids, Her Name Is Calla, Our Ceasing Voice, Worriedaboutsatan, Master, Imbalance, devar, Whorrid, Sacrificial Slaughter, Potential Threat Sf, Pöbel & Gesocks, Die Kellerratten, Boikott, Sodom, Moloch, Torturized, Weyland, Vader, As You Drown, DIVINE CHAOS, COR, Nullpunkt, Spontan Zäfall, Jurassic Dirk, In Other Climes, Tonedown, Manifestation, Through This Defiance, Genome, Astray, The Oklahoma Kid, Traumatic Defilement, Disbelief, Lay Down Rotten, Gorilla Monsoon, Abattoir Of Absolution, Born From Pain, AYS, The Platoon, Rise From Above, Wisdom In Chains, Devil In Me, Stand Your Ground, Enecor, Auf Bewährung, Boikott, Screaming Monkeys, Fucking Monday, More Than Tomorrow, Bierokraten, Dÿse, Pult, Die Vorboten, Iron Horses, Do or Die, Scarred by Beauty, Roughneck, Gorgoroth, Vader, Valkyrja, Negură Bunget, Agamendon, Din Brad, Illdisposed, Raunchy, Lost Dreams, Memorial, Angantyr, BlackShore, Myrd, Silent Leges Inter Arma, Herr von Grau, Disbelief, Loudblast, Fallen Saints, Throbbing Pain, STRENGTH, OUT OF STEP, STATE OF MIND, FROM BLEEDING HANDS, WHAT YOU DESERVE, Mesrine, Entrails Massacre, Haemophagus, Ambrace, sinworks, Abattoir Of Absolution, Injustice (mit Joha!), Madball, All For Nothing, Kid Nero, Enecor, Deadstars, Project Zero, SchmmOOs, Iron Horses, SonuVab!tch, Denkblockade, H.E.A.D.L.E.S.S., Illdisposed, Arcadia, The Burning, Crocell, Rompeprop, Macabre, Birdflesh, Malevolent Creation, Endless Distrust, Bad Punchline, Sham 69, Defused Holocaust, Eisregen, Plan B, Graveworm, Agathodaimon, Emergency Gate, KadavriK, 44 Leningrad, Nullpunkt, Kill the Client, Feastem, Entrails Massacre, Massendefekt, Nullpunkt, Billy the Kid, I Am Revenge, Necromorph, Acranius, Obscure Mortuary, Rotten Corpse, Fucking Hostile, Daemonized, Full Assault, Scourging Impurity, Hanzel und Gretyl, Deadcell, DFP, Spiegelkeller, Fuckin‘ Monday, Ektomorf, Privilege of Approval, Killing Age, Steelgrave, Onkel Tom Angelripper, Iron Horses, Full Assault, Cytotoxin, Provocation, Arranged Chaos, Torture the Mass, Charley Noble, Dead Sea, Strike me down, SHID, Evocation, Vlad in Tears, Liberté, Martens Army, Saints & Sinners, Biertras, Contradiction, Accu§er, Horncrowned, Terminate, Creeping Hell, Dawning Decay, THROUGH DARK WATERS AND BARREN EARTH, Isvind, The Stone, Bloodlost, Facing the Enemy, Grave, Sonne Adam, Ambrace, Dystopia, Decision, Endless Distrust, Rise From Above, New Hate Rising, Roughneck, Enecor, The Abydos Shelter, Charley Noble, What you deserve, Your Birth Your Burial, The Truth Comes Alive, Crowbar, Trapped Under Ice, AYS, Brothers in Arms, Reapers Path, The Tomb of Rasputin, Suffocation, Origin, Unbreakable Hatred, Re-Armed, Exodus, Warbringer, Suicidal Angels, Wormrot, Evisorax, Evergreen Terrace, Stick To Your Guns, Strike me down, What you deserve, The Tomb of Rasputin, Time for Reflection, Cannibal Corpse, Aborted, Lay Down Rotten, Myrah, Debauchery, Aorta, Porta Inferi, Exidium, Die Vorboten, Ambrace, Strydegor, Endless Distrust, The Prepuse, Nasty, Fallbrawl, World of Pain, More Than Tomorrow, Injustice, I Smash The Panda, Five Feet High & Rising, All For Nothing, Roughneck, Charley Noble, What you deserve, Grave Desecrator, War-head, Volxsturm, Krisiun, Vital Remains, Malevolent Creation, Truth Corroded, Evile, Portrait, Dr. Living Dead, Endstille, Acranius, DORO PESCH, UFO, No Exit, Mollust, Leprous, Vulture Industries, Nile, Ex Deo, Svart Crown, Saratan, Sincarnate, Crematory, Overtorture, Dystopia, Endless Distrust, Rawheads, Ruhestöhrunk, Projekt Pulvertoastmann, Prollsport, Reactory, Fucking Hostile, Full Assault, Instructor, Armagenda, Terraformer, Ilydaen, The K., Downset, MR. CRÄBS, ◯, Sun Worship, The Splendid Ghetto Pipers, Hydrophobic, Confession by Silence, Reach the Surface, Hermelin, Grisu, Lorbear, Enecor, Choose Your Path, Roughneck, Strike me down, What you deserve, Fjørt, Kazimir, Acres, Amber, Defeated Sanity, Dehuman Reign, Scourging Impurity, Neotox, Extinct, Killing Age, Facing the Swarm Thought, Deafheaven, The Secret, 100000 TONNEN KRUPPSTAHL, WELS, RedGodDawn, No Omega, This Gift Is a Curse, Palm Reader, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Rorcal, Rising Anger, The Abydos Shelter, Job for a Cowboy, War from a Harlots Mouth, Beneath the Massacre, Gorod, Make Them Suffer, As They Burn, Zaunpfahl, Piratenpapst, Mahlstrom, Our Ceasing Voice, Cosmonauts Train Trip, Inner Spirit, Call To Chaos, Ivory Tower, Addiction, Throbbing Pain, Antispielismus, Mach 4, Gingers Cinamon Gang, Wrong Way Ticket, Captain Cleanoff, Trigger, Obscure Mortuary, Disturbance Project, Oxidised Razor, livores Of Earth, Slaves To The Grind, Afgrund, The Arson Project, Lycanthrophy, Obscure Mortuary, Saywhy, Bridge To Solace, Shearer, Mongouse, The Killertunes, Goregast, Migraine, Necromorph, maggot shoes, Die You, Napalm Entchen, Showstripsilence, The Orange Man Theory, Disembowel, Death Reality, Coogans Bluff, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, The Egyptian Gaylovers, Inspectah Deck (Wu-Tang-Clan)…und viele viele mehr.

Produktionen der Alten Zuckerfabrik andernorts:

Uriah Heep, Nazareth, Manfred Mann’s Earthband, Discipline, Benediction, Holy Moses.